Our Philosophy

Taking care of your mouth is a lot like taking care of your house

Sometimes all you need is a good coat of paint to improve the appearance of your house. In dentistry that would be the equivalent of replacing those unsightly black fillings and whitening. That may be all you want to do to achieve a great-looking smile.

Maybe you have a healthy mouth, but just don’t like the alignment, shape or size of your teeth. Everything is stable, but you would like a better appearance. You can choose to have veneers that will improve your new smile in just a few weeks. Veneers can provide you with instant orthodontics allowing you to avoid many months of going through braces. This type of treatment would be the equivalent of placing crown molding in a room, re-texturing the walls, enhancing a bare window with window treatments and shutters.

Dentistry can provide you with the chance to enhance your smile

…to achieve that look you’ve always wanted!

You may have multiple large silver fillings that have been in place for years, maybe a broken tooth or two, or perhaps you are missing one or more teeth. In your house that equates to replacing a door, replacing cracked tile flooring, upgrading to granite counter tops, or getting new appliances.

The dentistry you can choose in a case like this would be implants, crowns or bridges to restore you back to optimal health. Your smile will not only look better, but it will BE stronger and function better for a longer period of time.

Full mouth rehabilitation equates to your house having foundation problems. As we all know, if you don’t take care of your foundation, the problems only multiply and become worse over time. Not treating the functional problems of your teeth can and will lead to more severe problems like gum disease, loose, fractured and worn teeth, toothaches, root canals, loss of teeth, sore jaws, and even headaches.

You can easily erase years off your appearance

When you choose full mouth rehabilitation, many factors come into play in a situation like this. Is your foundation sinking, is it in an upheaval, or is it CRACKED? Just as in any unlevel house, when you have wear and tear on your teeth that leads to any uneven bite.

Worn teeth that are not treated properly, will lead to more loss of not only tooth structure, but of your gums and bone as well. Loss of teeth will result from advanced wear.

Another factor is having years and years of dentistry done a little at a time. Waiting until something breaks before having anything done about it results in “patchwork dentistry”.

Doing a crown here and there all the while your bite “foundation” has been shifting and then placing the next crown at some arbitrary level leads to an uneven bite. Imagine a four legged table with each leg being a different length. No matter how many napkins you cram under the legs (i.e. crowning a tooth), the table is never stable.

Sometimes this is all you want to do, or CAN DO at the time…..and that is OKAY! Foundation repair is the crux of full mouth rehabilitation.

Step back and think about this for a minute…

If you continually have problems with your teeth and they continually break, requiring yet another crown, wouldn’t you want to know what is causing the problem – why these teeth are breaking – instead of just fixing the symptoms?

In your house, you can cut off the top of a door if it won’t close and you can repair the cracks in the sheetrock and repaint. In your mouth, that equates to wait until it breaks – BUT only repairing the symptom and not the cause.

In your house, you want to avoid future potential catastrophic water line and plumbing problems and restore things back to where they were. You have to focus on the source of the problem – and that problem is the foundation!

This is where full mouth rehabilitation comes into play. It not only “fixes the problems” – it helps in preventing further destruction and addresses the reasons WHY all of those symptoms occurred in the first place.

The amazing thing about full-mouth rehabilitation is its power to turn back the clock…

Full-mouth rehabilitation can restore a mouth that has struggled with many years of patchwork dentistry, decay, trauma, crooked teeth and old, failing dentistry, back to its youthful, dazzling beauty.

Dr. Evans understands that you want a healthy mouth and want to avoid the “every time you come to the dentist you need a new crown” merry-go-round. Our compassionate treatment can help you through this entire comprehensive process by providing a renewed confidence with a new smile that will look great, feel great and last a long time.

In and around Rockwall, full mouth rehabilitation goes beyond some dentist’s scope of experience and training. Our full mouth rehabilitation treatment is enriched with extensive continuing education in the areas of implant, cosmetic, restorative and rehabilitative dentistry. You just might say that this is Dr. Evans’ passion!