A comprehensive dental exam is a separate one-on-one extended exam. It is designed to help develop a complete picture of your dental health, as well as how your dental health may be influencing your overall health.

Your comprehensive exam will be “future-focused” and “health-focused,” as opposed to being just “symptom-focused.”

With this in mind, we discuss not only the appearance of your teeth, but their function and how that affects the wear that can determine long term stability. This comprehensive approach lets us learn much more about your oral health, as well as provide you the time to discuss possibilities for improving, stabilizing, and maintaining your oral health.

This appointment is ALL ABOUT YOU and what you want for your mouth. It is crucial that we fully understand your interests and concerns about your overall health, your past dental experiences and what you liked or did not like about previous dental visits. We take everything into account; your jaw joints, muscles, gums and teeth. Once we fully understand where you want to go and the way in which you wish to proceed, together we can then develop a plan to get you there!

Comprehensive Dental Exam

Your comprehensive dental exam will include:

  • Necessary digital x-rays
  • Digital photos of your teeth
  • TMJ joint screening
  • Muscle screening
  • Periodontal exam
  • Tooth exam
  • Cosmetic dental evaluation
  • Medical history
  • Dental history

Many of our patients prefer to save time and money in the long run. The comprehensive exam allows you to make the most of your time in our office and get the best value.

In some cases, we may take impressions of your mouth and prepare diagnostic models of your teeth. This allows us to complete a thorough analysis of how your teeth fit and work together.

After your comprehensive exam, Dr. Evans will analyze all of the diagnostic information and photos. Our patients appreciate having copies of their photos, as well as those of other patients that we’ve been able to serve. It not only allows them to see what we see, but it allows them to see what’s possible for their own teeth!

At your follow up one on one consultation a few days later. Dr. Evans is able to apply his findings to your long-term goals and expectations. Then together we can determine what treatment you feel is best for you in the long run and determine the best treatment options available to help you achieve your goal.

“World-Class Results right in your neighborhood”

We will discuss any specific treatments that you want to do cosmetically. We will look at treatment possibilities for the long term stability (or prevention of further wear and destruction) of your teeth and alternatives for you to consider. Most importantly, the information learned from this advanced examination will allow you to ask the right questions about your dental health.

“Together we can create a treatment plan you are not only
comfortable with, but also excited about.”

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