Cracked teeth? We can help?

Waiting too long before restoring a cracked tooth can lead to much more expensive treatment that could include root canals, bone surgeries, or even extraction if the tooth is too compromised.

Here ia an example of what might appear to be a "normal" filling. But just look what lies beneath this innocent-appearing filling with just a little crack present…

When is a good time to restore a tooth? We get asked that every day and wish there was a simple answer.

When we evaluate teeth, we envision what your mouth will look like years down the road. Too many times people are only concerned with the condition of their teeth RIGHT NOW and are not forward thinking about what condition their teeth will be in 10 to 20 years down the road. "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it " is a popular Texas saying. That philosophy couldn’t be further from the truth in dentistry.

Many of our patients have found that “waiting until it hurts” was not their best decision. Being proactive and addressing things early, not only saves time in the long run, but it saves money as well. Restoring teeth before they are compromised beyond repair saves valuable tooth structure that must be utilized to provide you with long lasting dental care. The worse a tooth gets, the less we have to work with and the worse the odds of a tooth lasting a lifetime.

So don’t wait! Call Dr. Evans for a complimentary consultation today!