Choose to smile with confidence again!

Are you sick and tired of dealing with your teeth? Are you losing your teeth? Do your dentures drive you crazy? Having trouble chewing? Difficulty speaking? Do they spend more time in your pocket or purse?

Well there is hope! Restoring your ability to enjoy your favorite foods doesn’t have to be a nightmare!

We offer immediate dentures that are created prior to extracting your teeth so you won’t have to go a single day without teeth.

Perhaps our most popular treatment option by many of our patients is recreating their smiles by replacing their old worn out dentures with beautiful new cosmetic dentures.

The most stable denture option is one that is supported by implants. You can choose to have your implant denture to be removable or attached in place where it can only be removed by our dentist.

We will be happy to discuss the benefits of implant
supported dentures at your next appointment. Just ask!

By stabilizing your denture with implants, you will feel better, look younger, be able to eat your favorite foods again with comfort and speak with confidence.

If dentures are the option that’s right for you, Dr. Evans’ goal is to create a set of dentures for you that can look so natural, no one – except you – will ever know you are wearing them!


Sick and tired of dental adhesives? Have difficulty chewing?

Most of our patients choose to place implants under their dentures. Implant attachments stabilize the dentures; preventing them from floating around in your mouth. Implants actually allow dentures to act and feel more like your own teeth.


What type of denture is right for you?

  • Immediate dentures – Dr. Evans can deliver a denture on the same day as your extractions, so you’ll never go without teeth.
  • Partial dentures – Unlike a full denture, this type of denture is supported by your remaining healthy teeth.
  • Denture replacement -Tired of your old loose denture? Let Dr. Evans fabricate a better fitting, more aesthetic denture that you will be able to smile about!
  • Hybrid Denture – If you are in an advanced state of tooth loss or just have “bad teeth” and want to go back to feeling like you did when you had a healthy mouth, perhaps an implant supported HYBRID denture is the solution that you have been looking for!

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