You can easily erase years off your appearance
with a full-mouth restoration!

If you have more advanced needs to restore the health and appearance of your smiles, a full mouth restoration may be necessary to insure your long term dental health.

If you need this level of care, we will walk you through each step in the process of helping you achieve the optimal dental health and aesthetics that you deserve.

“We promise to make your experience a pleasant one!”

Usually the need for this type of care results from a few things such as trauma, failing older dentistry that has just been “watched” over the years, advancing wear and erosion of existing teeth that has altered your bite”, or even the approach of “patch and fill dentistry” that was done a little at a time which never stabilized the origin of the ongoing destruction in your mouth.

A full mouth restoration involves a combination of treatments for the repair and stabilization of the teeth and gums. Together we will assess the extent of your damage and discuss which treatment options will be most helpful and work best for your individual situation.

An Experienced Dentist

Dr. Evans has been practicing in the Rockwall area for more than 25 years. It’s through our continual learning of new techniques that our team has developed a talent for performing full-mouth makeovers.

Treatment options may involve crowns, onlays, implants or bridges, or even braces. Because everyone’s needs are different, we customize each full mouth restoration to fit each individual’s wants, needs, desires and priorities.
“We know the thought of a full mouth restoration can be overwhelming and even intimidating, but our promise to you is this … you remain in control of the entire process!”


If you have these advanced dental conditions, a full mouth restoration can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Strong, stable, healthy teeth
  • A new natural looking smile
  • Improved ability to eat any food again
  • Relaxed muscle tension often associated with advanced dental problems
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Relief from chronic pain in teeth and gums
  • mailto=Slow down the processes of further damage to teeth and gums

Rejuvenate your smile with a comprehensive makeover from our dentist in Rockwall, Texas.


No dental restorations last forever. Full mouth restoration is a long-term solution that provides all the treatment and support you need to ensure that your teeth will stay strong and healthy for as long as possible. Over time it is possible that individual teeth may need to be repaired or replaced, but the full mouth foundation will make that more predictable.

You can easily erase years off your appearance…

1pre-op-retractedMany factors come into play in a situation like this. Is your home’s foundation sinking, is it rising up, or is it CRACKED? Just as in an unlevel house, you have wear and tear on your teeth that leads to any uneven bite.

One factor is the areas of worn and chipping teeth start out small, then not treated properly, leads to more advanced loss of tooth structure. This advanced wear will eventually lead to tooth loss. Another factor is having years and years of dentistry done a little at a time. It is like waiting until something breaks before having anything done about it. I call it “patchwork dentistry”.

Doing a crown here and there all the while your bite “foundation” has been shifting and then placing the next crown at some arbitrary level leads to an uneven bite. Imagine a four legged table with each leg being a different length. No matter how many napkins you cram under the legs (i.e. crowning a tooth), the table is never stable.

Step back and think about this for a minute…. if you continually have problems with your teeth and they continually break requiring another crown…

1pre-op-full-faceWouldn’t you want to know what is causing the problem…why these teeth are breaking… instead of just fixin’ the symptoms? Sometimes addressing the symptoms is all you want to do, or CAN DO at the time…..and that is OKAY!

Foundation repair is the crux of full mouth rehabilitation. Sure you can cut off the top of a door if it won’t open or close properly and you can repair the cracks in the sheet rock and repaint. In your mouth, that equates to waiting until something breaks and just repairing the SYMPTOM.

…to avoid these future foundation problems, you have to focus on the source of the problem!

after-restorationThis is where full mouth rehabilitation comes into play. It not only “fixes the problems” it helps in preventing further destruction and addresses the reasons WHY all of those symptoms occurred in the first place.

The amazing thing about full mouth rehabilitation is its power to turn back the clock.

You can restore a mouth that has had years of patchwork dentistry and that has struggled with decay, trauma, cavities, crooked teeth, or failing old dentistry back to its youthful, dazzling beauty.

Dr. Evans understands that you want a healthy mouth and that you want to be able to have that youthful smile again. Our compassionate treatment can help you through this entire comprehensive process by providing a renewed confidence with a new gorgeous smile that will look great, feel great and last a long time.

In and around Rockwall, full mouth rehabilitation goes beyond some dentist’s scope of experience and training. Our full mouth rehabilitation treatment is enriched with extensive continuing education in the areas of implant, cosmetic, restorative and rehabilitative dentistry. You might say that this is Dr. Evans’ passion!

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